REACH I trial (Burgio)

Name of Intervention: Impact of Two Psychosocial Interventions on White and African American Family Caregivers with Dementia

Principal Investigator (s): Louis D. Burgio, Ph.D.

Institutional Affiliation: Center for Mental Health and Aging University of Alabama

Description of Caregiver Intervention

1. Summary of Intervention

This was a REACH I trial with 2 intervention groups: 1) Minimal support condition (MSC) and 2) behavioral skills training (BST). The MSC received 10 phone contacts and 3 mailed packages of therapeutic material over a 12 month period. The phone contacts provided support composed of empathic statements and active listening. The STC received 10 hour-long, in home sessions over a 12 month period. STC consisted of: 1) basic therapeutic information, 2) instruction on behavior management techniques and assistance in setting-up individualized behavior programs for problem behavior, 3) problems solving training to help the caregiver reach goals to ameliorate distress, 4) cognitive restructuring to encourage benign appraisals of stressors.

Positive pre-post differences in caregiver burden and emotional well-being. African Americans and Whites responded differently to different treatments.

Key search terms:

Skills training; REACH, in-home intervention; behavior management; problem sovling.

2. Intervention Materials

Description of materials used in the intervention:

Trainer manual, caregiver manual, instructional materials

Contact information for further information:

Louis D. Burgio, Ph.D.,

3. Implementing the Intervention

Training qualifications:

Administered by Masters level staff (psychology, MSW)

Estimated costs of implementing the intervention:

Unknown, but see REACH II

Caveats/ limitations on the implementation of this intervention:

This was an effective intervention; but more effective intervention developed in REACH II.

Other useful implementation information:

Dr. Burgio has recently completed a translational project. Contact him for further information.

4. For more information

Burgio, L., Lichstein, K., Nichols, L., Czaja, S., Gallagher-Thompson, D., Bourgeois, M., Stevens, A., Ory, M (2001). Judging outcomes in psychosocial interventions for dementia caregivers: The problem of treatment implementation. The Gerontologist, 41, 481-489.

Reprinted in S. Andrieu and J. Aquino (Eds.), Family and Professional Cares: Findings Lead to Action, Paris, France: Serdi Publisher (2002).