Southern Illinois Rural Caregiver Telehealth Project (Chwalisz/Dollinger)

Name of Intervention: SIU Rural Caregiver Telehealth Intervention Trial

Principal Investigator (s): Kathleen Chwalisz & Stephanie Clancy Dollinger

Institutional Affiliation: Department of Psychology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Description of Intervention:

1. Summary of Intervention

The Southern Illinois Rural Caregiver Telehealth Project is designed to specifically meet the needs of informal caregivers in a rural area. Supportive services and resources through the Tele-Help Line for Caregivers are provided during structured telephone counseling sessions. Caregiver knowledge, problem-solving skills, and help-seeking behavior and affect are the major components addressed during the intervention. An eight-session structured telephone intervention, and a call-in helpline (in which all components are available but tailored to individual participants based on caller presenting concerns and assessed needs) are being compared.

Caregivers who have completed the intervention report significantly less stress and improved social role functioning support that is still evident at 6 months. These positive effects are especially true for highly distressed and overwhelmed caregivers.

Key search terms:

Rural Caregivers, Skills training, Telehealth, Caregivers

2. Intervention Materials

A flexible training manual is utilized for the intervention. For further information and materials, please contact:

Kathleen Chwalisz, Ph.D. & Stephanie Clancy Dollinger, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Carbondale, IL 62901, 618-453-3521,;

3. Implementing the Intervention

Training for delivering the intervention is provided by a Doctoral level Psychologist. The intervention administered by Masters level Psychologists. Estimation of the costs of implementing the intervention is in progress. Estimated cost currently unknown (Manual + Training Time).

Please note that recruitment of caregivers in a rural area has been the greatest limitation in implementing this intervention.

4. For more information

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